Poster Edit: Becoming Burlesque

I'm so excited to post this. I've been wanting to for a little while. I know I've posted a lot about this poster/film in particular, but right now, it's my favourite I've done so far and here is a little more about it...incase you were wondering.


Quick Details:

  • Title Font Provided by Production

  • Tagline wording Provided by Production

  • I've done a GIF version as well!!! (Hoping to share soon)

  • Inner dancer image was the original goal for the poster - See below for more.

So, to further go into details. The dancer image inside of the hijab was the original idea our director/writer wanted for the poster. We shot this set up specifically and it was going to be the main focus. But as I'd started editing and adding in the credits and title for it. It just wasn't coming together in a way I was completely happy with and that conveyed what the film was really about. Because this was more than just a film about Burlesque, I knew it needed something else.

So because I was also shooting the stills for this whole film, I had lots of images to possibly work with, and before I'd even started looking through them for another image to "add", I had the idea of the double image. Showing the lead character in her hijab, with the dancer "double exposed" inside. Because THIS IS WHAT THIS FILM IS ABOUT!!! This finished project (the font wasn't final at the time) was exactly what popped into my head at this point and I knew I would have the right image somewhere in all the stills I'd taken over the course of filming.

Well slight twist. I think a direct result of me being the stills and poster designer for this is why I was able to find the image I did. Having access to everything, means having access to more possibilities of images that work. Because, there are NO unit stills (meaning - photos I'd taken that would match the filming camera shots) that had this lovely side view of the actress in the hijab. But.....there was a behind the scenes image...... :) This is where I am very proud of my work, and my ability to be creative with image use, and the high quality of my cameras (I love my Nikons)

Below in order: Inner dancer image, Behind the Scenes image I cropped in to use the side profile of the actress in the hijab, and the final result again.

Original Dancer Image

Original Dancer Image

B&W Version of Behind the Scenes: Actress Image (before cropping)

B&W Version of Behind the Scenes: Actress Image (before cropping)

Final Result once more!

Final Result once more!

For all those who took the time to read this blog entry, thank you for letting me share my favourite poster to date once more. There will be at least one more time with the GIF version once it's complete to my liking. 

For anyone interested in poster or social media design services, please feel free to contact me here. I do commissioned work with provided images as well.

Happy Filmmaking!