Short Film - The Doctor’s Case (2013)


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Based on a short story by Stephen King, the Doctor’s Case is a classic locked-room mystery with a twist - Watson solves the case.

Holmes and Watson relax after solving another crime, noting how the press often overlooks the sidekick. But peace doesn’t last when Lestrade calls on the duo: a rich investor was found dead inside the locked study of his lavish mansion. Based on a short story by Stephen King, The Doctor’s Case provides plenty of mystery and intrigue. The set-up for the murder is simple: Albert Hull disinherits his family, promptly returns to his study, and is found four minutes later with a knife in his back. When all traces of the contested will disappear, the beneficiaries request Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson’s help. As always, Holmes provides amazing deduction to decipher the exact character of the family, giving Lestrade and Watson an idea of what they are up against. But as they arrive at the house, Holmes is taken out of the case by a severe allergy, requiring Watson to step up and take the reigns. After a brilliant flash of insight, Watson deduces the mystery, impressing Holmes and revealing an even more shocking twist for Lestrade.

Image used as prop in film

Image used as prop in film